About Us

‘Toda Herbal UK’ is run by Kasia Miszczak and Martyn Sibley. We had many amazing things occur before becoming the distributors for ‘Heart of Gold’ formula…

Kasia used to support her father distribute the drops in Poland, and is a fountain of knowledge on health. Martyn is disabled and has been benefiting from the drops since 2013 (see his testimonial on going from John o Groats to Lands End in 2013). He’s also the communications guru.

In personally knowing the benefits of the Toda drops, we wanted to share them with more people where we live in the UK. After long discussions on how we would do this, speaking to the big bosses in Canada, creating the website and learning about stock control; we’re here and ready to go!

Our vision is:

To create an online community who value health, life and happiness.

Our idea is:

– to share regular and interesting articles/videos on our health blog

– for the articles to span topics such as diet, exercise, body, mind and soul fulfillment

– to engage with cool people over Social Media

– to help answer questions on health and encourage everyone to enjoy life

– to connect our community’s voice with government policy, media messages, corporate products & services, and to promote all things healthy

– to spread our work on other relevant websites and media channels

– to bring Toda’s Heart of Gold formula to people in the UK

So settle in, read about health, Toda drops, drop us a line and help spread the word.


Kasia photoKasia Miszczak:

I grew up in Western Poland, and I have lived in London for nearly 10 years. My father is the TODA representative for Poland. Having followed, observed and learned about health, treatments and the wonders of TODAs herbal drops; I am proud to be sharing this knowledge in the UK.

My dad and I attended many health expositions in the UK, and so I have seen firsthand the need, interest and demand for TODAs drops here. I also know with my degree in Psychology, passion for health and my curiosity for life; this website can help many people.

Martyn_SibleyMartyn Sibley:

I was born in Cambridgeshire, studied in Coventry and lived in London for 6 years. I have a physical disability resulting with the need of a wheelchair, 24/7 care and other adaptations in life. However, I have a degree in Economics, Masters in Marketing, my own social enterprise for other disabled people (www.disabilityhorizons.com), I am well travelled and love meeting new, interesting people.

Having met Kasia, and later her father; I have personally benefitted from the Heart of Gold formula, and am looking forward to sharing their positive effects with people in the UK. It is especially relevant in my field of disability; where bad circulation and reduced immune systems are common issues for disabled people.