Welcome to Toda Herbal UK!

welcomeWe’re so excited to launch this website today. It’s been a journey just getting to this point. This first post will give you an insight into the journey, our vision and our plans.

Firstly an introduction. ‘We’ are Martyn Sibley and Kasia Miszczak. You can read more us on the about page.

Many amazing things brought us to becoming the distribution channel for Heart of Gold formula. Kasia has supported her father with the drops in Poland, and is a fountain of knowledge on health. Martyn is disabled and has been benefiting from the drops for over a year (see his testimonial on going from John o Groats to Lands End). He’s also the communications guy 😉

In knowing the benefits of Toda drops, we wanted to share them where we live in the UK. After long discussions on how we would do this, speaking to the big bosses in Canada, creating the website and learning about stock; we’re here and ready to go!

Our vision is simple:

To create an online community who value health, life and happiness.

Our plan is also simple:

– to share regular and interesting articles on health

– the articles will span topics such as diet, exercise, body, mind and soul fulfillment

– spreading our message on other relevant websites and media channels

– engaging with cool people over Twitter

– bringing Toda’s Heart of Gold formula to people in the UK

– help answer questions on health and encourage everyone to enjoy life

So settle in, read about Toda drops, drop us a line and help spread the word.

Martyn and Kasia

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